GSI Brand Update

February 2, 2015

Global Scripture Impact (GSI) is the research arm of American Bible Society and provides impact evaluation and analysis to inform ministry investment decisions.


GSI’s former brand identity was heavy, dull and unmemorable. The group was perceived by project leaders as “auditors” who cared only about the data.


I took the initiative. GSI did not request this, but I designed a new logo, stationery, web template and other brand collateral and pitched the package to the group. The new brand was well received and implemented immediately.


Focus on people, not data. The new logo combines people, financial growth and data in one mark. Green was chosen as an accent color to convey the vital impact the organization creates.

This brand identity received the following award:

  • • In-House Agency Forum: 2013 Creativity Award, Silver Honor – GSI Logo
  • Created while an employee at American Bible Society.

Website created in collaboration with web designer Krista Jones.